Zenfolio | Phil Stone | NPLS exhibition 2013

The photographs in this on-line gallery were exhibited at a gallery in Northwood, Middlesex, UK from 1st September to 21st October 2013.

The photographs were all taken by Phil Stone.

Enquiries to photos@stoneemail.co.uk
Tricolored Heron, FloridaGreat Blue Heron, FloridaReddish Egret, FloridaGreat Blue Heron, FloridaLittle Green Heron, FloridaBlack Crowned Night Heron, FloridaSnowy Egret, FloridaSnowy Egret, FloridaOsprey, FlordaOsprey, FloridaGreat Egret Chick, FloridaWood Stork, FloridaLimpkin, FloridaWood Stork, FloridaWood Stork, FloridaRoseate Spoonbills, FloridaRoseate Spoonbill, FloridaRoseate Spoonbill, FloridaRoseate Spoonbill, FloridaBald Eagle, Florida